Time to go international

Being maximal is actually needed to make a change, and a change itself must be as high as we can see a little star in the sky, as ever we were taught since we started to growth and made a plan with our aims and dreams.

Such as blog which I already involve inside it, is a life choice and a struggling to make a change in my future. A dream that must be striven with every cost that I had.
Blog as both mentioned in many definitions or expressed in all blogging tutorial at primary level as personal web service which is its appearance supposed in era 2.0 technology.
Something that must be specific characterization from blog is interactive and support social networking so that a world that was very quiet and personal, among many networking cables which connect many million personal computers became very close and so noisy with word sprinkling.

Today is time for unlimited world. Meet and make conversation with many personal in every other side of the world. City, island and continent border are definitely irrelevant. So that become make a sense what an author ever said that our world already become inextricable intertwine.

I myself, to become a part inside global world, we need a space which totally global, so that can make any interaction and information sharing with everyone connected in this global world. And blog itself has gave that space, and by dotcom which I already got I will try to reach the world come through keyboard buttons that I touch every time so that I can make any phrase that I can spread it away over the world.


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